Builder Panels

I ran through the completions page on Sonex and pulled all the different panel pictures I found as I have come to the point where I need to come up with a design for mine. Thanks to Wayne Daniels (444SX) I have a Stratomaster Ultra as the main instrument. It's monochrome and doesn't have all the goodies that the newer ones have but does have complete engine monitoring with 8 temp sensor inputs, and basic flight information. I'm thinking that I'm going to commit to making a vertical panel that will be lowered a bit, as the vertical panel has even less area than the slanted panel. So with that said, here are some other Sonex / Waiex panels.

Aaron Knight

Anthony Forry

Billy Brock

Brian Fitzgerald

Charles Mulloy

Cliff Runkle

Dan Wright

David Teel

Dennis Smith

Don Gum

Donald  Nienhouse

Ferran Guerra-Vina

Garth Knowles

Gene DeVincenzo

Gene Fulmer

George Painter

James Ballenger

Jim Lewis

Joel Fuller

Kirk Snader

Luigi Murgia

Merv Friesen

Michael January

Peter Fernell

Ray Krause

Richard Binkley

Richard Grayson

Richard Kindig

Rick Spriggle

My friend Robert Eley

Robert Ruggles

Roger Nienberg


Ron Hensley

Ronald Rasmussen

Roy Messing

Roy Viera

Rui Melo

Shane McDaniel

Shawn Wheeler

Stan Blankenship

Steve Isaacs

Thomas Doerner

Tom Christenson

Tom Luce

Walter Vogel

William Carr

William Hebestreit