Aft Fuselage Box And Turtle Deck assembly

All the polishing I did made for some crappy photos. The pieces kind of disappear in the photos. The first shot is after I had set up the fuse sides with the upper and lower horizontal crossties. It was set up upside-down so it would be square from the table top.  The next shot shows the bottom skin clecoed on to the fuselage sides.  After it was clecoed to the bottom skin, I could move it onto it's side to finish some of the pilot holes and get access above and below when fitting the aft pieces- tail skid, shear web, etc.

There's a lot of work to do at the rear and front of this assembly. The second shot is of all the pieces that go into the back end. The last shot shows the crosstie box clecoed in to the front.

Another shot of the rear of the aft fuselage, almost completed with the clecoes. Second, a shot of the shear web installation. You can see the upper and lower supports, and see the tailwheel support where it comes forward. Last is a shot of starting to fit the turtle deck skin the the splice channel. The channel is drilled using the pilot holes in the turtle deck skin, then both skins were put together and set onto the tail cone box.

Here you can see the t-deck skin laying on the fuse getting ready to slide it into the top of the longeron-sideskin gaps. Second is after the skin was slid into both sides, just sitting in place with no fasteners. Third is after formers #5 and #1 had been fitted and pilot drilled. Those are done before fitting in #4,3, and 2.

The first shot here is fitting former #4 for the t-deck, and the next two shots are after all formers had been fitted and drilled. I took the skin off to finish drilling some of the areas that were hard to get to with the skin on.

When I started riveting former #4 you can see the huge dimples where the rivets pulled the skin down to the formers and with the polished skin they are really standing out. I took some scrap and marked off a bunch of small pieces, cut them out and put a light coat of 3M remount spray adhesive on them so I could slide them in between the formers and skin. I removed all the rivets I had done in former #4 and then used these shims on all 3 middle formers to flatten things out. It worked pretty well. In most places I only used one shim- in that deep spot in picture 1 I used two shims.

Aft fuselage assembly finished....