Rear Spar Carry Through

This assembly  must be finished before the wings can be rigged. When I had some company over I got help to move the fuselage onto my worktable. I'm trying to find a way to put the plane together in my shop now that it's winter time here. (1/26/10). I think it will fit with a little cheating at the point of sliding the wing spars into the fuse.

In the pic below are some of the pieces for the carry thru assembly. I had just finished razor cutting the shear web out of .032 thick angle in the foreground. The middle 4 angles have been cut for 1 1/2  years, laying on the shelf, waiting for me to get to them. Crappy photos.. A shot of the finished longer angles, and a shot of the ends of the carry through piece.

One of the first things I discovered when fitting the rear spar carry through was that the holes in the rear spar attachment were drilled at 3/16, and the carry through parts were drilled to 1/4. Since I had nobody to help me pull the wings out of the fuse far enough to updrill the rear spar attachment holes, I made a pin on the drill press to fit both diameters and help me center the rear spars into the rear spar carry through while fitting it into the fuselage. I held a file against the 1/4 bolt shank as it spun in the drill press until it was turned down to 3/16.There is a shot of me pilot drilling the fuselage attach angles onto the carry through piece (my tech counselor says to include shots of me actually doing the work), and a shot of setting the wing incidence on the rear spar by measuring up from the bottom of the fuse. The vise grip is clamping a piece of angle used to hold the aft edge of the wing at the correct height.

Here is a shot of the jig I whipped up to hold the trailing edge of the wing the correct distance from the bottom of the fuselage to set the incidence. The polish on the fuselage makes for some crappy photos, but you can see the end of a 2X4 that I clamped across the fuselage so I could clamp some supports onto the scrap Al bars to hold the wings up from the bottom. With those held at the correct height, I could pilot drill and cleco the fuselage side attach fittings into place and then remove the parts to back-drill the 1/4 holes into the attach fittings. The clecos held the attach fittings in place on the spar carry through. The last shot is of the attach angle on the side of the fuselage. This was actually taken before the attach angle was back-drilled for the 1/4 attach bolt.

Here's a couple shots of the rear of the carry through showing it's attachment and also the pin going through the fuselage attachments and the rear spar attachment.