Here are some shots showing attaching the ribs to the spar. The stiffener visible in the first picture is for the tie-down attachment. I riveted ribs 2 through 12, leaving the #1 rib clecoed until the root rib could be fitted and riveted. You need the extra room to be able to rivet the aft root rib. I finally turned on the date feature of my camera. I wish I would have done that from the beginning...oh well.

I used a square to align the ribs on the rear spar.  I had already pilot drilled the rear spar and the ribs came pilot drilled. Luckily these holes were close enough so that they matched when drilled up to 1/8. I laid a scrap piece of aluminum (not shown) on the top of the ribs to overhang the rear spar to assure a smooth transition of the skin from rib to rear spar.  I made a little u-shaped piece that slides across the edge of the ribs with a hole in it so I can use the sharpie to draw a center line on each rib.  The third picture shows getting the wing set up for laying the first skin on it. I put a level on each end and blocked up the wing to assure the wing is flat. After fitting and pilot drilling the first aft skin the wing is flipped over (with first skin clecoed on) and re-leveled before putting on the other aft skin. At this point the wing is still pretty flexible. After the second aft skin is pilot drilled and fastened into place the wing becomes incredibly stiff. I like stiff wings.


My technical counselor said I should try to get pictures of myself actually working on the plane as part of the documentation for the build. The first shot is the initial fitting of the upper aft skin, aligning it with the rear spar. It lined up on the main spar cap perfectly. That's me setting clamps in the second. The third shot is after I had the upper aft skin fitted and the wing flipped over to do the lower aft skin. You have to re-level before fitting the skin. Below are more pictures of fitting the lower aft skin.