SNX-W11 Main Spar Details

snx-w11-02 End wing attach assemblies and  snx-w11-06 root wing attach assemblies. This is how I clamped the blocks to the angle to drill the bolt holes for the assemblies.  These pieces were cut with the radial arm saw using an 80 tooth all-purpose blade. As you can see from the pictures, the cuts came out very smooth (and square).  All the aluminum angle was cut with this blade also.

Counter-sinking for the driven rivets: I made a test strip and drilled to different depths with a micro-stop counter-sink setup. The plans specify a 100 degree c-sink (which not all counter sink bits are) and gives you the diameter of the hole. With the main spar you have to counter sink the main spar center web (SNX-W10-03) and then dimple the thinner outer piece (either the main spar web, or the main spar aft web, depending on which wing you are building)  to fit the hole and the flush rivet. I just let the rivet dimple the thinner outer piece as it was hammered into the hole before I actually set the rivets with the c-frame riveter/dimpler.  In the next shot I am getting ready to cut the web spacers that go between the aft ribs and the spars (SNX-W14-03). I cut all the aluminum angle pieces at one time following the cut list that came with the boxes. This includes pieces I won't need until much later but I was able to account for all the angle. I had to substitute some of the larger angle to make some pieces called for from smaller angle, but I had enough for all pieces.