Leading Edge Skins SNX-W18

I've heard the guys talking on the forums about using the vacuum method for forming the leading edges. (my wife likes to call them the foreskins) and after fitting the first L.E. on the right wing and finding it difficult to get the second half of the sheet pulled down flush with the ribs, I decided to try it on my kit supplied wings. For those of you unfamiliar with that, you get a 10 foot long piece of 1 1/2 inch PVC, drill a few holes in a line down the length, then lay it in the crease of the wingskin, pull the two trailing edges together with tape, wrap the whole thing in a thin plastic sheet drop-cloth (home depot aviation supply), and then evacuate it with your shop-vac.  I the first two pictures you can see the difference between the out-of-the-box skin and the one that I vacuumed. That sharper bend should make fitting to the ribs a little easier.

A couple of shots of just starting to fit the leading edge skin and one of after I had it flipped to start with the second half of fitting the skin. The end contours fit nicely and lined up easily at the trailing edge. Working on the first half I was able to reach from underneath and move the rib side to side to line up with my rib centerlines. After flipping it over and starting on the second half, I had to reach in from the ends to move the rib. The kit pieces are naturally slightly warped and a little persuasion is needed. The center ribs were the most difficult. I used a 5 ft. long piece of 3/4 in. PVC with a gentle hook taped on the end. Another set of hands would have been very helpful and would have really sped up the task.

Pulling the "foreskin" tight...Wooden blocks protect the rear spar from deforming