Aileron Bell Crank SNX-W21

The first shot is the blank angle and the patterns I traced for the crank assemblies. I used my 5" vise to press the bronze bushings into the aluminum angles. The next shots show the last method I used to drill up the bushings for the stainless bushings that go inside. An (letter) O drill bit is .001" larger than the stainless bushing inserts which gives a nice, tight, frictionless fit for the assembled levers. It took me about 7 attempts to get a lever that was not sloppy loose or so tight that it would bind in parts of it's range of movement.  This was the only suggestion my technical counselor had on his first visit when I had just one main spar with ribs attached. He said the cranks should have no friction, which I managed after several do-overs.

I was pleased with how closely the cranks matched up when I finally got them to the point where I could place them together on the workbench.

I used this plastic square to line up the support brackets to drill into the wingskins.