Aileron Details SNXW-04


Drilling the hinge with a quick guide I made by clamping another piece of hinge to the drill press at the right location.





Drilling the aileron bellcrank lead weight. I used plenty of oil and stopped often to clean the lead out of the bit to avoid binding.

Aileron bell crank assembly and drive assemblies. On the bench by the drive rib is a 1/8 inch RC plane axle collar that I used for clearance when riveting close to the edge of the ribs. The second pic shows marking the skin getting ready to cut and the third pic is ...well... cutting the skin. Below are pics of fitting the hinge and the ribs. The third pic is the completed rt. aileron.

I did a trial fitting of the aileron onto the wing. There was slight interference at full down aileron- the most forward bolt through the lead counterweight touched the rib. A few quick passes of the bolt head on the grinder took enough off to give clearance.  Below are some pics of the installed aileron. Very cool...It sits almost perfectly flat when hung on the wing without taking any weight off the counter-balance.