Wiring SNX-E01

12/27/10: My electrical system is pretty simple. I have a stratomaster, a transponder, a radio, a gps, and nav/strobe lights. I drew a schematic using a free app found online. I also made a schematic for the wiring for the radio. Links to the general schematic is here and the Icom schematic is here. They are bitmap images and don't change scale very well. Sorry...

Below: the first few wires on the firewall and G3, the central panel ground point.


Installing switches, and starting to form the shape of the wiring harness. Thanks to Peter from the Sonexplans forum for selling me his new Icom A210 radio at a steep discount! In the third photo, I had just gotten the radio from him and got the panel cut out for it and have it laying in place. That was the last item I really needed for the panel.

Below: Making the bracket for the headphone plugs, wiring it and the PTT buttons on both sticks

I had to change the plug on the radio tray for fuel tank clearance. This is the TED connector I found online. The next shot shows the RA Miller antenna for the radio and the TED antenna for the transponder. The coax is RG400 except for a pigtail on the transponder tray that is RG58.

2/9/11: Picture of G3, the panel ground. Fusebox on left wall.

Below the wiring is almost finished: you can see the tight fit of the altitude encoder, capacitor, and the Stratomaster display unit. At this point I had just started to run the static and pitot hoses to the instruments.


Engine wiring:

Cylinder head temp sender, a tool I made to locate the positions for the EGT sensors, an installed thermocouple and a couple shots showing the CHT wiring headed towards the RDAC.

Wiring the firewall:

Below you see a shot looking  down the pilot side of the firewall. In the bottom right is the battery. Above that is the alternator disconnect relay. It is fused in such a manner that if the voltage gets too high it will automatically turn off the alternator and turn on a warning lamp on the panel.  To the left is the main contactor. The starter as well as all the electrical parts are powered through this. The switched side of this relay or contactor has a large cable going to the starter motor and a smaller cable feeding the blue contact strip to power everything else on the plane.  You can see that in the second picture. Right below that is the Sonex voltage regulator with the 3 large spade connectors on it.  The third picture down the passenger side of the firewall shows the black oil separator and the coils for the CD ignition system. Way below the oil separator is the blue billet gascolator which filters the fuel on it's way to the carb, er, excuse me, the aeroinjector. My tech counselor advised me to get rid of the plastic cable clamps that were on the firewall. They have been replaced with rubber cushioned metal clamps.