12/26/10: At the point I started working on the baffles, I was able to get the cowl completely fastened together (minus the southco fasteners along the top edge. The back and both side pieces came  precut, so it fit the engine shape pretty well. You have to make four little brackets to hold the sides in place.

Below is early trial fitting. The piece of baffle on the left front corner is missing. The supplied pre-cut piece didn't come close to fitting, so I had to make a new pattern for that piece. I used the cardboard tube to mark the clearance for the intake runners through rear baffle fence.

I assembled the rest of the pieces and started fitting inside the cowl, shooting for 1/2 inch clearance. I badly misjudged what installing the rubber baffle seals would do to the fit of the cowling. I am still in the process of trying to get a nice fit to the cowl with all of the baffle seals in place. I had fit the cowl totally on to the fuselage first with just the rear and side baffles in place, then with the front under-the-prop baffle, and finally with the oil cooler baffles installed.


Here's some shots of fitting the baffle seals after I thought I had them trimmed enough. I didn't and this weekend I am still fighting fitting the baffles into the cowl. In the last shot you can see where I lowered the opening for the oil cooler. I also noticed that the oil cooler just touches the left exhaust pipe and I need to move the cooler over slightly (or else it will touch the other exhaust pipe).