SNX-D01 Canopy installation



The first shot below shows the details for the canopy and windshield installation. Here I'm marking the hinge half that will cover the right edge of the canopy. P4 is the thicker hinge piece supplied with the Wicks hardware kit. Bear in mind that I ordered the hardware kit 4 years ago.  I stuck the fore and aft canopy bows into place to show how they came in my kit. The windshield is already installed at this point. The length of the windshield bow canopy strap dictates the height of the windshield bow.


Below you see the left side clamped into place with the first fitting of the latch.  The second shot is of the first fitting of the canopy, laying it over the opening for the first time. There is a video from Sonex that shows the rough steps to fitting the canopy along with handling tips for working with the plastic. The second shot shows the blocks I made to to help fit the plastic into the canopy opening. The canopy came off and on at least 20 times trying to get the fit right. After screwing up on the windshield, I didn't want to make a mistake on the canopy.

Fitting the canopy...the 1/2 plywood provides the aft gap and the screws position the bow height.


It was nice to be able to open the canopy the first time. The close-up in the second shot shows the alignment pin. It is interfered with by the screw on the side. The screw acts as a locking device the keep the pin from vibrating out. You cannot use any lock-tite around the canopy plastic.  The smaller hole close to the pin is a mistake.