Engine Installation SNX-P01

I enlisted the help of a good, strong friend to hang the engine on the mount for the first time. It was a struggle getting the rubber mounts to fit nicely into the adapter plate on the back of the engine. When getting ready to fit the cowl, I checked the incidence angle of the engine. It's supposed to be level with the fuselage and I found that it was angled down slightly, maybe a degree or two. It's easy to check as the fuselage sits level on the tricycle gear. I clamped a straight piece of angle on the prop hub and a plumb line showed clearly that the engine was angled down. I hung a ratchet strap from the ceiling and wrapped it around the engine block to hold the engine while I unbolted it from the mount so I could put a couple washers behind the two bottom rubber mounts. I found that two washers angled the engine up, so I had to take the engine off a second time to take one washer off each side. With the engine hanging from the ceiling it was much easier to get the rubber mounts to fit nicely into the adapter plate, and it only took about 10 minutes to remove and re-bolt the engine and remove a washer from each lower mount.

The first shot below is a nice profile view of the installed engine showing the intake and exhaust locations. There are also some shots of the oil cooler. In the second shot you can see the tab on the bottom of the engine case I had to file down to give clearance for the oil cooler shroud. I love that aeroquip hose!!

I love that aeroquip hose!!