Firewall Misc.


At this point I need to get some help to get the wings back off the fuselage and hung back up in the garage so I can proceed with more work on the fuselage. While killing time, I cut the nose gear pushrod hole and test fit the motor mount. The mount fits well with the suggested .060 shims. I need to re-level the fuselage so that I can get the incidence of the motor mount set before drilling the pilot holes...


Revisiting the firewall: I picked up some more nuts and bolts so I could start preparing the firewall for the engine installation. This was one of those things where I was afraid to start mounting stuff not wanting to get ahead of myself and have to remake parts. The aerovee installation manual pretty much shows you where you need to put the important stuff on the firewall, so I went ahead with that. I whipped up the battery box according to the plans. I also mounted  the main battery contactor, voltage regulator, coils, and gascolator.