Wings Miscellaneous

Closing up the wings

Before closing up the right wing I had a second inspection by the technical counselor. Last steps before closing were to run the tygon tubing to the pitot.static assembly location, wires to the wingtips, and mounting the power supply for the wing. I was going to mount the power supplies  inside the fuselage and run shielded cable all the way out to them, but with mounting on the tips I hope to get less interference through the radio, and I only have to run three single wires out to the lamp assembly- power for the strobe, the colored light, and the white light for the aero-flash light assy.

It took about 2 months to assemble the left wing which went much quicker since I had just finished the right wing. I installed  tezfel insulated wire for the wing lights. I hope I can pull that wire into the right wing to replace the automotive wire that's in there now.

Left wing power supply- pictures taken approx. 4 months after that stage on the first wing- 2 of those months were spent making the ailerons and flaps


On the left wing I had to make a bracket to keep the light power supply away from the bevels around the lightening hole. I also fit the control rod for the aileron and the tie-down eyelet before putting on the top skin.

When fitting the bushing in the end of snx-c03-02 aileron pushrod, the bushing didn't sit flush when pressed through the pushrod enough to sit flush with the bronze washer on the other side of the pushrod. (below). I emailed Kerry at Sonex to ask if that was OK to do. He answered me back the next morning, and pointed me to the paragraph showing in the photo I emailed to him where it says you want the bushing pressed all the way into the aileron pushrod and sticking out past the flat bronze washer by .005 to .015 in. There is also a drawing revision note applicable to my plans where it clarifies filing or sanding the length (not width) of the bushing. Don't forget to check for drawing revision notes!! The third pic shows the correct bushing assy.

I finally closed up the wing on Christmas day 2008. Now I can get it out of the workshop and move on to the left wing. I have to rig up a way to hang the wing from the garage ceiling- the only place left in the house to store it...